Welcome to RPN!
Welcome to Roleplay Network! Please pardon the mess while we get this place re-situated. Restoring a two-year-old VM is serious business! (Especially when all the bug fixes I made before were on a different VPS!)

News Feed (If you can't see the news feed, try disabling Adblock!): 7-18-2014
I've got RPN on a decently-prised VPS. The current hosting bill for RPN is $10 per month. I'd like to upgrade this, and the next tier is $20 per month, for twice the RAM. Currently, there's no real need for this, but if we get more users, it'll be useful.

RPN is back, but not quite fully operational yet. (Also: some day, I'll put an actual script here instead of just plain html)

Known issues:

- The site will log a user off on a frequent basis
This is something I've noticed on all ER sites, but it's particularly bad on RPN. If you're having trouble, try checking the 'disable session-based cookies' box when you log in - that seems to help sometimes.

- Email system may not work yet
If you try to register and you don't get an email, it's probably the system. I haven't had a chance to check to make sure it works yet.

- RPN doesn't seem to support certain unicode characters
The database is properly storing characters in unicode format, but for some reason, Perl is insisting on displaying in ISO-whatever. This may cause issues with character importing if you use, for example, German umlauts in your character tag.